- January 23, 2012 -

Archibald Studio

skilfulness, simplicity & efficiency

In 2010, after several years of study and work in multimedia and graphic design, Fabien Richert and Augustin Hiebel decided to create Archibald Studio Bischheim near Strasbourg. Soon, the skilfulness of the team, and warm human relationships with its customers and the quality of services and allow the allure studio to develop in France, but also abroad (Switzerland, USA).

After a year and a half in Bischheim, the studio changed its operation: Augustin Hiebel chooses to continue the development of the activity in Alsace while Fabien Richert decided to move to Montreal to begin a PhD. Archibald Studio always offers to assist you in designing your printed communications (logo, graphic, flyer, catalog, brochure, dressing areas, etc..) And in building your presence on the Internet (web design, website, website mobile, CMS, SEO, etc.).


Graphic creation

The creation of an effective professional image is the main focus of Archibald Studio, though we believe coherence and homogeneity should be refreshed by a touch of creativity. The balance of this alchemy will bring your business a convincing and expressive graphic identity.


An effective enterprise communication must always be coherent, no matter its complexity. With Archibald Studio, we make sure that every business move follows a clear and global direction. However, to convince, more than just common sense is needed: intuition and risk taking can make the whole difference.

Multimedia creation

At Archibald Studio, we always proceed to a detailed study of every multimedia project before beginning with their creation. Our mastering of different programs and Website solutions is in perpetual update, giving us the ability to follow the ever-changing evolution of the web.

Copy writing

Archibald Studio can illustrate your ideas but also word them: get the client’s attention, tell them a story they will like and also remember.

Augustin Hiebel

Schooled in literature and arts, specialized in graphic conception for printed advertising, Augustin Hiebel puts the experience he has earned in communication agencies in favor of Archibald Studio.

Augustin is currently working for BTS, a Swedish company focused on strategy execution.

Fabien Richert

Fabien is strongly specialized in Web information. He offered his services as a consultant/designer in many agencies before joining the Archibald Studio crew.

Fabien is currently carrying on with a Ph.D. in Montreal, Canada.